Rekindle Project Updates

November 22, 2015 - Congregational Vote

Following a presentation on the campaign pledges and financing alternatives a vote was taken and the congregation passed the motion: Recommend to the congregation to proceed with the renovation project based on pledges obtained to date of $1.99 million and augmented by a plan for the remaining funding.

January 2016 Council approves the Rekindle Project Management Team leads, June Wright, Stan Harvey and Pat O'Neill

January 2016 the Rekindle Project Management Team (PMT) leads meet with REINDERS AND REIDER ARCHITECTS commencing contract discussions.

February 2016 the first meeting of the Rekindle Project Management Team (PMT), the Sub Team Leads, and their team members.

March 9, 2016 the PMT signed the contract with Reinders and Rieder Ltd Architects who will prepare our detailed drawings, and work side by side with us on all matters, including meetings with the City of Burlington. This wonderful news was announced to the congregation during Worship on Sunday March 13.

People of Port Nelson United Church

April 10, 2016 we now have a schedule for our Rekindle project, in timeline form, and you can see it by clicking this PDF link. Design, Permitting and Site Approvals will likely take most of the rest of this year. The bidding and selection of contractor processes should be complete by the Spring of 2017. Then the construction and renovation activities will begin and will take approximately one year. Our mission ready date for the move back into our renovated church home is the Spring 2018.

May, 2016 updated Naming Opportunities posted under Ways to Give. We thank the church families who have sponsored three rooms raising $450,000 towards our church renovation.

May 30,2016, click the link to view a REKINDLE Project Progress Report from the PMT

May 30,2016 Updated schedule for our Rekindle project, in a timeline format.

Moving the perennial plants to new gardens at Port Nelson United Church

September 2016, the parking study was completed and our on-site parking plan approved.

September 2016, the financing facility has been finalized.

October 2016, the Transition Plan has been created by the Transition Team. This is an evolving plan, subject to Council Approval, that will seek further input from the constructor company.

October 2016, members of the congregation worked to move garden plants to new gardens on our church property

October 2016, the communications committee announces a January 14, 2017 'Save the Date' for the Farewell to the Lloyd Auditorium dinner celebration with live entertainment.

February 2017, Minor Variance Hearing - Good News. All three zoning item variances identified by the City, were supported and approved by the Committee of Adjustment

May 2017, Our Site Plan received approval by the City of Burlington, Committee of Adjustments.

May 2017, The selected bidders are working on their bids and all bids are expected the third week of this month.

May 2017, PROJECT BIDS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. On May 25th the REKINDLE Project Management Team met with the architect and opened the bids submitted to our project. Much work is now being done to review the bids and to develop a recommendation of what the next steps are.

May 2017, A Congregational Meeting will be held on Monday June 19 at 7 p.m. to present this information to the congregation.

June 19, 2017, At the Congregational Meeting held June 19, the vote on the motion ”Moved that the Rekindle Renovation Project is authorized to enter into a design-build contract with a cost ceiling for the total project of $3.7M (including HST).“ was passed with an overwhelming majority.

The Project Management Team for the REKINDLE project will now proceed with discussions and negotiations with a selected contractor to finalize and enter into a design build contract within these parameters.

Since the June Congregational meeting, our architect has been developing revised plans which allow for cost savings of, hopefully, $500,000. Your Rekindle Project Management Team (PMT) and the architect met on August 24 to review the new plans. Costs savings are being obtained through the use of different building materials, small changes to some rooms and placement of the elevator, and a revised roof line in some parts of the building. In a few ways, the revised plan is actually an improvement over the original plan! The PMT and the architect then met with the proposed contractor to discuss these new plans on September 1.

October 24, 2017, Our PMT announced that the cost savings have been found and the project is moving forward.

November 6, 2017, The Rekindle Project Management Team (PMT) met with our contractor (TRP Construction)last week. Progress is being made and the contractor is eager to begin the renovation project as soon as possible! During the week of Nov 6-10 the church office will be moving to the lower level, and the workers will begin to remove asbestos from the east part of the building prior to demolition.

November 14, 2017, The PMT will be hosting an information night on Tuesday at 7pm.

January 10, 2018, We received a Foundation Permit from the City of Burlington which allows demolition to take place and laying the foundation of the renovated structure to begin.

January 11, 2018, The demolition of the original church began. It is expected to take about one week to complete.

January 14, 2018, The Groundbreaking Ceremony was held following our Worship Service.

January 14, 2018, A representative of the W. Garfield Foundation presented a Ceremonial cheque in the amount of $20,000.

February, 2018, the demolition has begun.

June,2018 Final kitchen equipment plan

June 7,2018, Concrete floors are now completely poured and the chimney demolition will occur this week, throughout next week.
Site Services (ie new drains) will impact parking as follows:
Back lot unavailable for next 2 weeks
West parking lot will see intermittent closure next week (June 13-18) for drain work but will be open Sundays


United Church Moderator Picks Port Nelson for His Easter Message

We were blessed to have Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson, Moderator share with us at our packed church service on Easter Sunday. His sermon was inspiring, and afterward he commented about all the good things that were going on at Port Nelson!

The Hot Five Jazzmakers Concert

This Free Admission Concert, last held in November 2015 with attendance nearing 350 raised funds through a goodwill offering. What a wonderful community outreach event.

Sold Out Lasagna Dinner with Cabaret Music for our Food Voucher Program

In January 2016 over 150 people attended the dinner and musical cabaret - kudos to the Port Nelson choir for their cabaret efforts.

Mistletoe Mart

This annual bazaar started in 1952 as the Kandy Kane Karnival and evolved to the very successful Mistletoe Mart. This year the bazaar contributed over $25,000 in support of our ministries.

Our Glee Summer Day Camp 2016, and 2017 registration sold out very quickly.

Since the launching of our Glee summer bible camp 7 years ago it has been an amazing success now offering three camp weeks.