Rekindle Project Questions and Responses

Congregational Vote November 22, 2015

Following a presentation on the campaign pledges and financing alternatives a vote was taken and the congregation passed the motion: Recommend to the congregation to proceed with the renovation project based on pledges obtained to date of $1.99 million and augmented by a plan for the remaining funding.

Recommendation to Congregational Meeting November 22, 2015

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Information Package for November 22, 2015 Congregational Meeting
Attachment B for November 22, 2015 Congregational Meeting

Is there a Port Nelson Project Team ?

The Rekindle Project Management Team leads are June Wright, Stan Harvey and Pat O'Neill from our congregation.

Are there additional project team members?

Yes, in addition to the management team there are 6 sub teams, each with 3 to 6 team members.

Has the project work started?

The first phase is putting in place the contract with REINDERS AND REIDER ARCHITECTS. This contact was signed March 9, 2016.

Has progress been made on the project? Are things happening according to the plan?

YES! The Rekindle Renovation Project Team has been very busy throughout the summer and is happy to report that the Application for Site Plan Approval was submitted to the City of Burlington on August 2nd, 2016. The city will review the plan and confirm that we are allowed to construct the planned building on our present site. This approval must be received before a building permit can be issued. It is hoped that this approval will be received before the end of the year. The final floor plans are complete and available for inspection in the narthex. Key decisions about electrical and mechanical systems have been made and the Audio Video design is well advanced.

Have we been successful in securing the required financing from a Financial Institution?

YES! We have received verbal approval at this point and expect written approval before mid September for a construction loan of up to one million dollars from TD Bank.

People of Port Nelson United Church
Will Sunday Worship Services be held in our Sanctuary throughout the construction period?

YES! Unless there are highly unforeseen circumstances, the plan is that worship will continue in the sanctuary throughout the construction process.

How will groups that use space in our Church be accommodated during construction?

Every effort will be made to accommodate as many groups as possible on-site during the construction process. All groups were notified of the renovation last April and communication with them is ongoing. The Property Management Team have a transition team who are looking for spaces for groups off site while spaces are unavailable. All groups have been notified about the renovation and the fact that alternate spaces will be needed.

What is the status of the project financing?

The financing facility has been finalized.

Has the parking study been completed?

Yes, it was completed in early October and the outcome approved by the city.

Any update on the city's review of our site plan?

Progress is being made on the site plan approval with the city.

Has the church completed a Transition Plan.

Yes, allowing for changes being suggested by the selected constructor for cost savings and Council approval.

How will we exit and enter the sanctuary for Worship?

Though the doors that we have recently upgraded facing onto Rossmore Blvd.

Will there still be a Coffee Hour and where will Coffee Hour be held?

Yes, the rear of the Sanctuary is being explored.

Will the church parking lot be impacted?

The constructor will require storage and working space during the construction. Some of our parking lot may still be available for our use.

What happens to the church office and staff?

The current plan is to place on-site trailers outside at the west end of our building.


United Church Moderator Picks Port Nelson for His Easter Message

We were blessed to have Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson, Moderator share with us at our packed church service on Easter Sunday. His sermon was inspiring, and afterward he commented about all the good things that were going on at Port Nelson!

The Hot Five Jazzmakers Concert

This Free Admission Concert, last held in November 2015 with attendance nearing 350 raised funds through a goodwill offering. What a wonderful community outreach event.

Sold Out Lasagna Dinner with Cabaret Music for our Food Voucher Program

In January 2016 over 150 people attended the dinner and musical cabaret - kudos to the Port Nelson choir for their cabaret efforts.

Mistletoe Mart

This annual bazaar started in 1952 as the Kandy Kane Karnival and evolved to the very successful Mistletoe Mart. This year the bazaar contributed over $25,000 in support of our ministries.

Glee Summer Day Camp 2015 Registration sold out in just 5 days

Since the launching of our Glee summer bible camp 5 years ago it has been an amazing success offering three camp weeks. Preparation is underway for the 2016 Glee Camp.