With your prayer and support, our new home will include:

New Large Foyer and Fellowship Gathering Spaces

The foyer and Fellowship Hall offer a combined space of 4,592 sq.ft. The high ceiling will help with sound control and seating at tables will accommodate almost 50% more people than is currently possible.

Efficient climate control with a complete update of heating and cooling systems

The new HVAC systems will service all areas of the church including the Sanctuary. The boilers will be removed.

New main floor kitchen, kitchenettes and storage areas

The new main kitchen will be code compliant and completely accessible for church functions. The lower level kitchenette will be updated and enlarged. A small kitchenette will service the offices and the library. There will be additional main floor storage areas for tables, chairs and portable coat racks.

Creative re-use of the central structure

The central meeting/gathering room across from the Sanctuary is retained while the overall building footprint is reduced.

People of Port Nelson United Church
New accessible library, and meeting space with large windows

The library will be moved to an outside wall facing south with the nourishment of the morning sun.

Fully accessible building including accessible washrooms and an elevator

The main washrooms near the fellowship hall will be accessible. There will be five stalls for women, and two family friendly washrooms. A new washroom will be placed in the hallway near the Library. The elevator will service all levels of our church.

Increase in the natural light and brightness with large modern windows

Through the use of higher ceilings in many areas and large windows our space will feel more open, warm and friendly.

People of Port Nelson United Church
The offices will be relocated to the South Side.

This area will be welcoming, safe, accessibility and much easier to find from the parking lot.

Exterior enhancements to enable more parking space.

Due to the demolition and smaller footprint of our building we will have a new parking lot and additional parking spaces.

Energy efficient rooms that are environmentally friendly, saving on utility costs.

This supports our desire to be more environmentally friendly.


The ever present positive feeling.

Our youth ministries are growing in leaps and bounds! This ministry includes the GLEE Summer Day Camps, which filled to capacity in just a few days this spring with over 247 children participating.

Sunday attendance is growing and each week we have new faces at Worship.

Our membership is stable and program participation is growing. Our weekly food access program that supports individuals and families in need has distributed over $30,000 in vouchers in the last year.

Community gathering opportunities

Our community concerts and special events such as Music for Holy Week, our Hot Five Jazzmakers concerts are drawing wonderful crowds, all based on free-will offerings.

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