Rekindle Project Architects Renderings

We are grateful to Reinders and Reider Architects (RRL) for their faith based work on our designs.

3-D Exterior Renderings

Port Nelson United Church North West View Port Nelson United Church North East View Port Nelson United Church South East View Port Nelson United Church South View Port Nelson United Church North View


Since the construction of the original building, tens of thousands of people have come and gone through the doors of Port Nelson. Our 1953 structure has served the congregation and community well for many years.

There was a time when this place of worship met the needs of the congregation and the community well. In recent years, this has not been the case. Lack of accessibility, flexibility, and years of inadequate maintenance, have contributed to concerns with the current structure. Following several professional assessments, it became clear that a major renovation would be the most effective way to better serve our vibrant church today and for generations to come.

With our changing community, an active congregation, and the diversity of people who come through these doors, the new renovations will allow the church building to further serve our growing mission, and create accessible, welcoming spaces for all.

By supporting the REKINDLE Our Home, Our Future campaign, we can rekindle the spirit of generosity to support the renovation of our church building.

To ensure the success of the church's overall expanding mission, we have embarked on a $3.7 million campaign.

The campaign will serve to complete major renovations and repairs, but more importantly, the successful completion of this campaign will continue to strengthen our congregation, our spiritual and educational programs, and our relationship with the community for years to come.

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